Civil Department

The Civil Processes Division is responsible for booking, filing, serving and enforcing court orders and a variety of other documents issued by the garnishment, restraining orders and foreclosures of real or personal property. The primary responsibility for our Civil personnel is the execution of civil processes and mandates of the court. This is accomplished through the service of income and property executions, notices and a variety of other civil/criminal summonses, processes and complaints.

Civil process services must be done in strict compliance with Idaho Code. Timelines and accuracy in the service of legal documents, record keeping and returns to the Court are mandated by law. The service of Civil process is a primary responsibility of the Sheriff as defined in the Idaho Code. It is imperative that Civil deputies and office staff comply completely and precisely with the laws governing civil process.

Paper Service & Fees

  • Certificate of Sale - $6
  • Fingerprints - $10
  • Move Out Fees - $1,500
  • Paper Service - $40 per subject and / or entity $0.40 cents mileage if over 25 miles
  • Posting Fees - $6 per posting
  • Sheriff’s Sale - Please contact the civil department
  • Urinalysis - $10

All costs are subject to change.