Search & Rescue

Mission Statement

The Washington County Search and Rescue is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the safety and well being of citizens of Washington County and its surrounding counties, by providing quality search and rescue operations. Since its conception dedicated volunteers have worked hard to put together training, knowledge and equipment to assist citizens. The continued expansion of training and equipment acquisition is of the utmost importance along with having available manpower to ensure success for the citizen’s of Washington County and others as needed.


  • To develop and train members
  • To develop strategic plans for successful missions
  • To maintain as an independent organization
  • To maintain equipment in a good working order
  • To provide search and rescue operations to Washington County
  • To stay within the boundaries of similar search and rescue organization
Search and Rescue Logo
  1. Membership
  2. Officers & Directors
  3. General Meeting
  4. Conclusion


  • Dues - Dues shall consist of: 
    • Application fee of $30, payable at time of application. The application fee will be refunded if applicant is not accepted. Annual fee of $7.50 pro-rated by entrance month. Thereafter, payable during the first month of the following year.
    • Delinquent Dues - Any member who is behind one year in his/her dues may be dropped from the membership. 4. Members who are not current in their dues shall not be allowed to vote.
    • Waiver of Dues - Dues may be waived for an individual upon the apporval of the Commander and Treasurer. That member will retain voting privileges.
  • Eligibility - All members must be a least eighteen years of age, shall be of good character, and in good mental and physical condition. Members shall not have any felony convictions within their lifetime (unless pardoned by a proper authority). All members shall be subject to a criminal background investigation.
  • Eligibility of Emergency Service Personnel - Members can apply if they are currently a member of another emergency agency (i.e., fire department, law enforcement, or medical field) with a letter of recommendation from their current department head. As long as they are a member in good standing.