Washington County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to serve and protect the citizens of Weiser, Midvale and Cambridge areas. Washington County Sheriff’s Office employs 34 deputies including: 

  • Administrative staff
  • Canine narcotics detection
  • Detention deputies
  • Dispatchers
  • Patrol deputies
  • Waterways deputies

Patrol Area

Along with patrolling the highways, towns and rural areas, the sheriff’s office also patrols 52 miles of waterways, which include: 

  • Brownlee Reservoir
  • Crane Creek Reservoir
  • Paddock Reservoir
  • Snake River
  • Spangler Reservoir

Working With

Our office works in conjunction with: 

  • Bureau of Land Management
  • Cambridge Fire and Ambulance
  • Forest Service and Fish and Game 
  • Idaho State Police
  • Midvale Fire and Ambulance
  • Weiser Ambulance
  • Weiser City and Rural Fire Department
  • Weiser City Police Department

We work with these agencies to ensure the safety and peace in our county. Washington County Sheriff’s Office provides civil paper service and courtroom security and also issues Idaho driver licenses and concealed weapons permits.