Road & Bridge


  • Washington County Road & Bridge encourages users of Weiser River Road to slow down and use caution on the section of road being repaired east of Unity Lane and before Galloway Dam. The road could be rough and dusty so please, slow down for safety.
  • Washington County Road & Bridge wants the citizens to please be aware and patient with road crews doing rehabilitation of Cove Road east of Weiser for the next few months. Expect delays, trucks, heavy equipment and personnel along the project. 

  • Chipseal 2022:
    1. Airport Rd Midvale
    2. Bonner Rd
    3. Cove Rd Weiser
    4. Glasscock Rd
    5. Goodrich Rd
    6. Hill Rd
    7. Hansen Rd
    8. Rush Creek Rd
    9. Thomason Ln
  • Asphalt 2022:
    1. Loafer Lane
    2. Crystal Lane (west of UPRR)
    3. Cove Road Weiser
    4. Goodrich Road

Job Opportunities 

  1. Road & Bridge

    Physical Address
    1102 E Court Street
    Weiser, ID 83672

    Mailing Address
    P.O. Box 813
    Weiser, ID 83672

    Phone: : 208-414-0950
    Fax: : 208-414-3359

  2. Jerod Odoms

    Washington County Road and Bridge Supervisor