Size Color Fee
Black & White Fee
8 1/2 by 11 inches
$1 $0.25
18 inches
$15 N / A
24 inches
$20 N / A
36 inches
$25 N / A

Additional Publication Costs

Research Information, email, CD or other file form

  • $25 per hour

Labor Costs

Costs of labor will be included whenever the request exceeds 100 pages of paper record, or contains records that require deletion of nonpublic information, or the request exceeds two hours of labor.

Printout Sizes
25 pages and over $25 minimum fee
$0.15 per page, plus tax
Per Page 8 1/2 by 11 inches
$0.25 plus tax
Larger Pages (Green Bar)
$1 per page, up to 25 pages, plus tax
All Printouts: Clerk
$40 Plus Tax
Countrywide Shape File
Research to Create Custom, Map Files
$25 Per Hour
Shape Files By Section
$50 Per Section
Limited Coverage Arc-reader Map Files
Updates Twice Per Year
$500 Each Update
Initial Build

Additional Fees

  • County Precinct Maps: $5 each type plus sales tax.
  • Special printout, diskette or tape that requires programming will be the above schedule plus all costs of the program.

Fax Fees

Maps per page faxed to local calling area or toll-free number $0.25 plus sales tax
Maps per page faxed out of area
$1 plus sales tax

Billing Information

Billing will be included on a fax cover sheet. Any billing not paid with 30 days will be added to a no fax list until the account is cleared.

Additional Resources

View the Washington County Idaho Code Book for more information.