Retail Alcoholic Beverage License

Washington County has a combined Beer and Liquor License known as the Retail Alcohol Beverage License. There is one application that applies for any combination of alcohol beverages to be sold.

State License

You must get your state license first. Bring in the original and make application with the County Recorder's Office before the city license can be issued. Online verification for State License is not acceptable. You must present the original State Certificate. 

Application Approval

Beer and liquor license applications are approved at the weekly meeting of the County Commissioners held on Monday. This process could take as long as two weeks to get approved. Please allow sufficient time before your current license expires.

Beer & Liquor Fees

License or Fee Type
Beer License - Canned & Bottled Not to Be Consumed on Premises $25.00
Beer License - Canned & Bottled to Be Consumed on Premises $75.00
Beer License - Draft, Canned & Bottled
Beer License - Transfer Fee
Liquor License - Cambridge $75.00
Liquor License - Midvale
Liquor License - Weiser $187.50
Liquor License - Transfer Fee
No charge
Retail Wine
Resolution passed June 1, 1971
Wine by the Drink - License Fee
Resolution passed July 2, 1973
Wine by the Drink - Transfer Fee

Special Notes

  • Liquor License does not need “Wine by the Drink”
  • Beer License must have a Wine by the Drink License, if they sell wine and do not have a Liquor License