Juvenile Probation

Balanced Approach - Accountability, Community Protection, Competency Development

Mission Statement

The mission of Washington County Juvenile Probation is to hold juvenile offenders Accountable for their crimes by ensuring reparation with victims; to provide for Community Protection and Public Safety and to provide for Competency Development by facilitating opportunities for offenders who come under the jurisdiction of the court.

Community Service

Work within the community to provide a means for offenders to repay their community for their actions. Provides skill development, pride in service, and responsibility for juvenile offenders. Supervised work crew is provided for juvenile offenders, as scheduled by probation. For more information on community service, call 208-414-0606. Workman's compensation fee is $.60 per hour.


Payments for work crew, JCA, or restitution on juvenile matters can be made Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the:
Magistrate Court
485 E 3rd Street
Weiser, ID 83672

Drug Testing / Urinalysis

  • Available upon request. $10 per test
  • Call 208-414-0606 for more information

Counseling / Community Resources

  • Parent Project, Parenting Instruction for "out of control" or "strong-willed children." Designed to help parents intervene in destructive adolescent behaviors. Curriculum focuses on improving school attendance and performance, drug use intervention, gang intervention strategies and reducing family conflict. Call 208-414-0606 for more information, class location and start dates.
  • Prescription Drug Drop Box located in the lobby of the:
    Weiser Police Department
    262 E Court Street
    Weiser, ID 83672

Skills / GED

  • GED-Treasure Valley Community College
    650 College Boulevard
    Ontario, OR 97914
    • Adult Learning Center, Oregon Trail Building. Pre-registration required. Call 541-881-8822, ext. 265 for an appointment.
  • Job Corps-Vocational Training, Idaho. For Admissions or Placement Information, please call: 800-863-5627

Organizational Structure

The State of Idaho Legislative policy states that the juvenile corrections system will be based on the following principles: accountability; community protection; and competency development. Where a juvenile has been found to be within the purview of the juvenile corrections act, the court shall impose a sentence that will protect the community, hold the juvenile accountable for his actions, and assist the juvenile in developing skills to become a contributing member of a diverse community.

Participation of Accomplishments & Goals

It is further the policy of the State of Idaho that the parents or other legal guardians of the juvenile offender participate in the accomplishment of these goals through participation in counseling and treatment designed to develop positive parenting skills and an understanding of the family's role in the juvenile's behavior. It is also the intent of the legislature that the parents or legal guardians of the juvenile offenders be held accountable, where appropriate, through monetary reimbursement for supervision and confinement of the juvenile offender, and restitution to the victim of the juvenile's delinquent acts.

More Information

Washington County Juvenile Probation works closely with community leaders, schools, and law enforcement to provide safe communities. We provide services to Washington County (Weiser, Midvale, Cambridge) and obtain community resources throughout the Treasure Valley. Washington County Juvenile Probation is committed to provide outstanding service to its offenders and their families as well as the community it serves. We provide a range of services including intensive supervision, random drug testing, and electronic monitoring.

Contact Information

For more information on Juvenile Probation and its services, please call 208-414-0606.