What items are needed prior to registering an entity?

Here is a list of documents and information that will be needed to complete the registration process. Find a more detailed explanation of these items.

  • Board member information - appointed or elected members, term as a member (2 year, 4 year, etc.)
  • Budget to actual information for revenues and expenditures. This information can come from financial reports utilized in board meetings, preliminary budget to actual financial statements used in the audit report, or the most recent audit report itself
  • Entity contact - email and physical addresses
  • Entity establishing information such as authorizing or operating statutes, oversight entity (such as transportation authorities are authorized by the Idaho Transportation Department)
  • Most recently approved budget. Usually forward looking, state budgets are “approved” in March for the following fiscal year that will be completed in about 15 months
  • Most recently completed audit

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1. Why are we creating a registry portal?
2. What is required under Idaho Code 67-450B and C?
3. Why was additional legislation introduced in the 2014 legislative session?
4. What are the new requirements in House Bill Number 560 codified in Idaho Code Section 67-450E?
5. What are local governing entities required to do?
6. What will be on the registry portal?
7. What are some examples of possible reporting due dates?
8. How are the Legislative Services Office and counties affected?
9. What penalties are in place for noncompliance with the requirements included in Idaho Code Section 67-450E?
10. What items are needed prior to registering an entity?