Polling Places

Voter Registration can be done at your polling precinct. Please refer to Election Information for the requirements.

If you have any questions please contact the Clerk’s Office.

Precinct Maps

Washington County Polling Places

Polling Place
309 State Street, Weiser, ID  83672
South Weiser (03), East Weiser (06)
Christian Church
1299 E 2nd, Weiser, ID  83672
Weiser (04), Middle Weiser (05), Pioneer (09)
Midvale Veteran's Hall
60 S Depot, Midvale, ID  83645
Midvale (07)
Riverside Baptist Church
598 Hwy 95, Weiser, ID  83672
Sunnyside (10)
Washington County Court House
256 E Court, Weiser, ID  83672
Washington County Exhibit Hall (Fairgrounds)
115 E Central Blvd, Cambridge, ID  83610
Cambridge (08)
Weiser School District (Armory)
925 Pioneer Rd, Weiser, ID  83672
Eaton Hale (01), West Weiser (02), Mineral (11)