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The County Treasurer’s Office remains committed to serving our customers with prompt, accurate and courteous service during this time of restricted access to County Facilities. The Treasurer’s Office remains staffed and available to the public via phone, email, online or by appointment if in-person assistance is required.  For those needing to make property tax payments, you are encouraged to do so by mail, over the phone, or online.  You may reach our office during regular business hours at (208) 414-0324 with any questions. 

The County Treasurer is elected by voters for a term of four years and also serves as:

  • Ex-Officio Tax Collector
  • Ex-Officio Public Administrator.


The County Treasurer is responsible for the safekeeping of all public moneys and to disburse all County money paid upon warrants directed by the Board of County Commissioners. 

Ex-Officio Tax Collector

The County Tax Collector is responsible for the collection and accounting of all property taxes levied within the county. 

It is also the responsibility of the Tax Collector to mail notice to every taxpayer, his agent or representative the amount of property tax due no later than the 4th Monday in November each year.

Ex-Officio Public Administrator

The Public Administrator has the duty to administer:

  • Estates of decedents for whom no personal representative is appointed
  • Estates of decedents with whom there are no known heirs
  • Estates ordered by the court
  • Estates to which the State of Idaho is an heir